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Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer at the Musée Morinville Museum, please contact


There are opportunities to volunteer with the following duties:

School Programs

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The Morinville Historical & Cultural Society work towards creating new partnerships and build on existing partnerships.  Present partnerships include:


The Town of Morinville has been an active, supportive partner in the renovation development project.  The Town of Morinville is also financially supportive of the Museum.


The Morinville Art Club has partnered
with the Museum to display local artisans work within the Museum.


Partnering with the Elementary Schools to create and promote School Programs in relation to the school curriculum for grades Kindergarten to Grade 5.




A founding member of the Cluster Museum group called the "North Central Heritage Trail" which includes 12 surrounding museums:













Historical tableau's were placed in St. Jean Baptiste Park in front of the Museum in conjunction with Société  Touristique Centralta Tourism Society.


The Society are also members of the Kalyna Country Association.


The Alberta Museum Association has been supportive through training opportunities, resources for attaining Recognized museum status and financially  supportive through grants.


The Morinville Public Library have been supportive and have offered professional training opportunites with the Museum.  In part of the "2009 Local History at the Library Project" the Morinville Public Library has created a great link at their website which with links and resources to Morinville's Local History.  


Annual Report


To request a copy of the Musée Morinville Museum Annual Report, please contact the museum.

Musée Morinville Museum

Alberta Railway Museum

Canadian Tractor Museum (Westlock)

Centralta Tourism Society

Fort Heritage Precinct (Fort Saskatchewan)

Gibbons Museum

Michif Culture & Resource Institute

Musée Heritage Museum (St. Albert)

Musée Morinville Museum

Namao Museum

Onoway Museum

Redwater Museum & Visitor Centre

Westlock Pioneer Museum


Vision & Mission Statement

The mission of the Morinville Historical & Cultural Society is:  "Engaging the community in the preservation, education and celebration of our culture and heritage."


The vision of the Morinville Historical & Cultural Society is: 

"To preserve for interpretive purposes, the culture, the historical facilities and the artifacts about the life and times of the people of Morinville and surrounding area, starting from its pioneer origins to its present and beyond.


To this end, the Morinville Historical & Cultural Society will endeavour to preserve the historical buildings and to acquire and display historical artifacts and documents in a manner that will encourage the use of our facilities and learn of our history and to maintain and foster community pride."


The Morinville Historical & Cultural Society 


The Musée Morinville Museum is operated by the Morinville Historical & Cultural Society.  For more information on the history of the Morinville Historical & Cultural Society and the Musée Morinville Museum, please click here.

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